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Updated: Feb 26, 2020


This is the first of what I hope will be many posts regarding the underlying work I do and advice that I consider may be valuable to both content creators and travellers. I by no means suggest that my word and knowledge in these subjects are above any reader, but if by any chance some of you find these short scrambles of words and experiences helpful, then that will make me happy.

I have recently been transitioning my photography from a hobby into a potential future career, now that I have a small but existing client base I feel that it’s a perfect time to start sharing my progress and methodology behind the work I do.

I don’t have a big Instagram following, no where near as big as some photographers that I admire and I figure most people, including me, find that the number above the word “followers” on your Instagram home page determines a good photographer, this will often demotivate you when you don’t see those numbers rise. If you are an aspiring photographer and have thought about buying followers through the internet to gain credibility when pitching to clients (this thought has crossed my mind many times), then there’s a good chance your judgement on criteria for being a good photographer has been distorted by the media.

Yes, photography is media, but the quality and potential of a photographer does not lie in the number of followers or likes you have, they are indeed good indicators for exposure but they do not determine your skill. Don’t fall into that trap. A good photographer is one that understands lights, colours, composition and most importantly creativity and the importance of having an open mind, these are the elements I wish to explore in this project. I hope you find some use for this and apply it to your work.

So If you admire photography and wish to tap into the world of capturing beauty, then keep an eye on this, I will be sharing how I plan and execute projects for clients, my editing process, composition lighting and general travel stuff...

Till next time, enjoy a cold one and stay creative!



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