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Swedemount Iceland

The Swedish outdoor brand and I worked on a long-term 4 month project while I was living in Iceland. The goal was to capture the country's beauty and raw elemental power through different adventures. From vast landscapes to waterfalls, Icebergs, and everything in between.

Beyond nordic

In preparation for the Christmas season, I was tasked with creating a Christmas feel for Beyond Nordics holiday campaign. The idea was to create a cozy Swedish winter cabin vibe while displaying their new down jacket line in the day activities.


Swedemount Östersund Collection

While in Iceland, I had the pleasure of working for the Black Friday and winter campaigns. This involved taking the Östersund collection to the cold north of Iceland and testing its limits. Suffice to say we stayed warm.

opening campaign

For the launch of the new climbing gym group in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was tasked with photographing the facility and the team climbing, using light as a way to accentuate the features of the walls.

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